The mission of Utah Prosecution Council is to provide quality training for state and local prosecutors as well as law enforcement officers through an exchange of information and experience to ensure the administration of justice reflecting the highest ethical and professional standards.

eProsecutor Videos

This page contains the videos that are available for eProsecutor training. If you still need assistance please contact Ron Weight.

Video Tutorials

Changing your Password

A short video to show how and where to change your password.

eProsecutor and HB 288 Reports

A video to show the requirements of HB 288 and how to enter them in eProsecutor.

Installing the JTI Add-In

A short video to show how to install the JTI Word Add-in.

2 Factor Authentication

This video will help explain the UCJIS required 2FA security process for logging into eProsecutor

Charge Decision Process

This video will help explain the process that works the best when using the Charge Decision folder view.