The mission of Utah Prosecution Council is to provide quality training for state and local prosecutors as well as law enforcement officers through an exchange of information and experience to ensure the administration of justice reflecting the highest ethical and professional standards.

eProsecutor Resources

This page has links to resources for eProsecutor support and training. If you still need assistance after looking through the resources available here, please have your designated admin contact Ron Weight.


This section should answer most of your questions related to the UPC contract with Journal Technologies and e-Prosecutor. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please contact Ron Weight.

Security and 2FA

UCJIS and BCI security requires that eProsecutor must implement 2FA (2 factor authentication). This means that each user will need to have a device that is capable of installing and running a compatible authenticator app on it. The two that have been tested and work well are:
1. Google Authenticator app
2. Authy app (Authy can be installed on the desktop as well as on a mobile device and synchronize codes).
The device with the authenticator app can be an Android or an Apple phone or tablet. Basically, any device that can install the Authenticator app on it will work. In order to log in to eProsecutor you will need your username and password as well as a code from the app to successfully login and use eProsecutor.

Who is the UPC Administrator (for training and support)?

Ron Weight is the current UPC Administrator for eProsecutor. Please contact him with questions, training or support needs.

What is the status of eProsecutor?

eProsecutor is deployed to over 40 agencies (counties and cities). UPC obtained a grant for 2023 to pay for all user licenses. Grants must be applied for yearly and are not guaranteed to be awarded. UPC will apply for a grant to cover user licenses and storage each year.

Can I look at it or try out eProsecutor now?

You can try it out using the testing instance if you want to. It does NOT require 2FA. Please contact the UPC administrator if you are interested.

How much do user licenses cost?

The cost of user licenses are determined by a formula in our contract. It is a tiered system. Tier 1 is 1-50 licenses, Tier 2 is 51-100, Tier 3 is 101-200, and Tier 4 is 200-500 or more. In addition to the cost of the license, there is a similar 4-tiered cost for hosting. The law enforcement and discovery (defense) portal license are unlimited, but are tied to the user licenses by a multiplier of 30%. That means that each user license is multiplied by 30% which gives the total number of user licenses that we pay for.
Example: In 2023 (as of the end of March), there are 221 user licenses (individual login accounts), we multiply those by 30% to get a total of 287 licenses. That would be 50 at the Tier 1 cost, 50 at the Tier 2 cost, 100 at the Tier 3 cost and 87 at the Tier 4 cost. To come up with the total cost per user license (account) we divide the total cost of licenses and hosting by 287. In 2023, this equates to about $1,450 per user per year. If we have more user licenses the cost for each goes down a little. If we have less licenses, the cost for each goes up a little.
UPC Admin Fee: The Council has determined to charge each agency an administration fee of $206 per user per year to help defray the costs of the application administrator. The Council reserves the right to adjust this amount and will address the issue at their budget meeting each year. This fee is billed to each agency and payable to UPC. We will send an invoice in the first and third quarters of each year. You have the option to pay for the entire year or in 6 month increments.
Please contact UPC for more specific information regarding user license fees.

When will my jurisdiction get it?

You can get it as soon as you want. Before it can be deployed in your jurisdiction you will need to review and sign the MOA and JTI joinder agreements and return them to UPC. Contact Administrator for more information.

Are Document storage costs included with the license fees?

No, except for an initial allotment of 1 TB. Unless we are awarded a grant to cover the cost of storage, each agency will be billed for any additional storage costs incurred. The method of assessing the cost per agency is based on the total cost of storage divided by the number of agencies using eProsecutor. This is a cost per agency, per year, not per user. As of March 2023, UPC has not received any bill for additional storage, but we expect the storage costs to increase soon. We will apply for grant funds to cover storage as well as user licenses so this may not be an issue.

Will we need to pay for training?

Training and support of eProsecutor will be provided by the UPC administrator and is part of the $206 per user per year administration fee assessed by the council.

If my jurisdiction does not like the one-size-fits-all product, can we change it?

No. If you need a system different than the one provided, you would need to negotiate a separate contract with JTI.

HB 288 (63M-7-213) requires certain data to be reported to CCJJ. How will that report be generated and/or the data reported?

UPC will build these reports into the system and they will be run by the Administrator each quarter and sent to CCJJ. This will be for all agencies using eProsecutor under this contract. The Administrator will send a copy of the report to each agency in the system.

Are there management or other data reports included?

Yes. There is a robust search engine in the system. Any data stored in the system can be searched for and reported on. Every search can be exported to Excel or to PDF to provide reports on demand. If you need a report (or search) that you can't find already in the system, please contact the Administrator.

Do I have to sign the MOA to receive eProsecutor?

Yes. You will also need to sign a Joinder agreement with JTI. The link below contains the current MOA. Please contact us if you would like us to send you the contract and joinder agreements to review.

How/When are Offenses Updated?

A UPC attorney updates the offenses in an annual legislative update. The UPC Administrator will input those changes into eProsecutor so everyone will have those changes on or before they become effective. Local, county and city codes can be included in a similar manner, but each agency will be responsible to notify UPC about any changes or additions so they can be added or modified. The UPC Administrator is the only one who can currently add or modify offenses in the system.

Who is the point of contact for eProsecutor questions and issues?

Ron Weight is the UPC eProsecutor Administrator. He is your first point of contact with any questions or requests. He will then communicate with Journal Technologies Inc (JTI) as needed to work out any issues. He will be able to add users and other administrative tasks.

How do we add an additional user when/if that becomes necessary?

A new user can be added whenever necessary. Contact the Administrator with the necessary details for the new user. If the new user is replacing a previous user, there will be no increase in licenses. You must notify the administrator of any changes in users in your agency so changes can be made as needed.

What, if any, are the video storage limits?

We have determined that video can NOT be stored in the system. There is just too much of it and the database space and bandwidth required to store video and the costs associated with that are just too high.

What are the recommendations for storing video?

It is recommended that video be handled as you currently manage it. You can add a note to a case that indicates where and how the essential video is stored.

Can existing data be imported into eProsecutor?

No. We have determined that at this point, no data will be imported into eProsecutor. One possibility that has been suggested by a couple of agencies is to hire a temp person to input the most important cases into eProsecutor.

Can data be imported from other sources, such as Law Enforcement databases?

Yes, it can, but this is not part of the contract and would be an extra expense. You can potentially contract with JTI for importing data from law enforcement into eProsecutor.

Do we need to re-negotiate the contract after 5 years?

No. The contract allows for continuing use after the initial 5 years. eProsecutor is considered a subscription service. The current 5 year contract with 150 user licenses expires in 2024. We are still working on how billing will be done after that. If UPC is awarded a grant, JTI will bill UPC for all user licenses. If we don't receive a grant we are still working out how the cost of the user licenses will be billed.The billing/renewal day has been set as February 1st each year.

How will training be done?

Training will be done at initial deployment and as needed on an individual or group basis. It may be done in person or using remote software. Note: If you need or want additional training please contact the UPC administrator.

What about PIMS?

PIMS is no longer available or supported. If you already have PIMS you can continue to use it, but UPC will not provide any support.

Can we continue to use PIMS and not eProsecutor?

Yes, but support for PIMS is no longer available.