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eProsecutor FAQ Page

This page should answer most of your questions related to the UPC contract with Journal Technologies and e-Prosecutor. If you have a question that isn't addressed here, please contact Ron Weight.

New Info from Spring Conference

What is the status of eProsecutor

We are well into the configuration stage with the committee and developers meeting frequently. The committee has gone over security, case initiation, person records, dropdown lists, menus, and many other issues including differences between city and county processes when it is different. The system, with a few exceptions will be a one size fits all. There will be some differences for cities and counties.

Can I look at it now?

Yes, you can. Please contact Ron Weight to get a link and a login. Please be aware that the link will be to a test system and things can and do change regularly. If something changes and you no longer have access, please contact Ron to fix it.

When will it be ready to deploy?

We are hoping that it will be ready sometime in September, but it might be after October. We plan on deploying to one county and one city to begin with and allow them time to test the system and make fixes before we continue deployment. The testing and fixing time could take as long as 2-3 months. At that point, we will be ready to start deploying to other agencies.

When will my jurisdiction get it?

The committee will consider requests and will set the deployment schedule.

How much is it going to cost?

We don't know yet. The final cost is dependent on whether we are successful at obtaining an additional grant to take care of the $235,000 outstanding balance on the contract. We have applied for that amount in a new grant. The grant manager is making this a top priority. If the grant is awarded to UPC, there will be no cost to jurisdictions for the duration of the 5-year contract for the eProsecutor software and training. If it isn't awarded, that amount will be divided up evenly based on number of total users (see below for further discussion of how this cost breaks down).

Is the council going to charge a fee for Ron's work similar to the PIM's user fee?

If the $235,000 grant is awarded, then there will be a maximum of $206 per user per year.
If the grant is NOT awarded, then there will be a maximum of $103 per user per year.

I heard that we need to pay for training. Is that true?

No - unless you want to have personalized training from JTI at your office. The contract provides for training 150 users. This training will likely be done in large, regional sessions. Ron will also be available for training after the original training has been completed and as needed. We envision training a local user that can then train new users as staff changes take place.

What about the clause that mentions $500 per user, $2500 miniumum, plus expenses training costs?

This is only for on-site, personalized training. If you want JTI to come to your office and train your users personally, then that is what it would cost. You can opt to participate in the regional training and not be charged anything extra.

If my jurisdiction does not like the one-size-fits-all product, can we change it?

Maybe - for a fee. We don't know if it's possible to leverage the one-size-fits-all product and make individual changes to it for a particular agency. If JTI can do that, it would be as an individual contract with them. Their hourly rate is $175 per hour, as of April 25, 2018, but it might require an entirely new contract.

So what will my final cost be?

IF the $235,000 grant is awarded, you would pay a maximum of $206 per user, per year as long as you don't request local, personalized training and don't contract with JTI for unique programming.
IF the grant is not awarded, then you would pay a maximum fee of $103 per user per year PLUS your share of the $235,000 remaining on the contract. This will be figured based on the total # of users. $235,000 / # of users = X. So that would be $103 + X per user.
To clarify, your portion of the $235,000 would be a one-time fee that covers the first 5 years. It would not be a fee that you pay every year. The $103 per user per year would be an on-going fee during the 5 years.

The MOA talks about reports that need to be submitted. How difficult will that be?

JTI will build these into the system and they will run in the background. You will not need to worry about them.

I haven't signed the MOA and don't want to in its current form. Will there be any changes?

Bob will redraft the MOA with the changes mentioned here and will provide jurisdictions with the amended copy. Please email Bob Church to request a copy if your jurisdiction has not already signed.

Do I have to sign the MOA to receive eProsecutor?

Yes. You will also need to sign a Joinder agreement with JTI. Both documents will be made available to you.

What about the offense table?

Ron will create a software bridge that will insert legislative changes into eProsecutor. We are investigating what can be done with local, county and city codes.

What aboaut PIMS?

PIMS is still available and Ron will continue to provide limited support.

Can we continue to use PIMS and not eProsecutor>

Yes. UPC will provide you with the source code so you can maintain it yourself.

General Questions

Who is the point of contact for eProsecutor questions and issues?

Ron Weight will be the eProsecutor Administrator for the state. He is your first point of contact with any questions or requests. He will then communicate with Journal Technologies Inc (JTI) as needed to work out any issues. He will be able to add users and other administrative tasks.

Who does the data belong to and can we get a backup of it?

The data belongs to you. It can be backed up locally and migrated to a new system if that becomes necessary.

How do we add an additional user when/if that becomes necessary?

A new user can be added whenever necessary. Contact Ron at UPC with the necessary details for the new user. An additional charge for the user will be assessed (if all 150 users provided for by the contract are already assigned).

What, if any, are the video storage limits?

The limits will be determined by the Governance committee, but it is likely to be small. eProsecutor is not designed to be a video streaming service, so storing and running videos is a time intensive and storage space hogging process. The other problem is that many videos from law enforcement agencies are in proprietary formats and can't be played without the associated software made to play their video format.

What are the recommendations for storing video?

It is recommended that video be stored in the local office either on DVDs or other storage medium as needed. You can add a note to a case that indicates where and how the essential video is stored.

How will deployment be managed?

The first agency to be deployed will be selected by the Governance committee. The committee will confer with all participating agencies as part of the selection process. Once one or two agencies (preferably a city and county) have been using eProsecutor for long enough to discover and fix bugs and clean up other issues found, then the committee will determine deployment order for the rest of the agencies. We will be able to deploy more than one per week once it's fully ready. Deployment may be done onsite or remote depending on the needs of each agency and availability of staff.

Can existing data be imported into eProsecutor?

Converting and importing existing data is not part of the contract. If an agency feels that they need to have their data imported into the system, it will be their responsibility to contract individually with Journal Technology (JTI) or possibly with their IT department to do the programming necessary.

Can data be imported from other sources, such as Law Enforcement databases?

Yes, it can, but this is not part of the contract and would be an extra expense. There is an API (application programming interface) available for this kind of project. Again, you can contract with JTI or with your internal IT departments to do the work.

What are the costs for eProsecutor?

The contract with Journal Technologies for the E-Prosecutor software is for 5 years. The grant covers all but approximately $235,000 of the cost for 5 years. We will be applying for another grant and if we are successful, that cost should also be covered, leaving the net cost for the first 5 years as $0.
If we are not successful in our application for an additional grant, then the remaining cost for the first 5 years will be distributed to the agencies who participate based on the number of users. Currently there are agencies interested in participating that together have 150 users. Based on that, the cost per user would be about $1,570. So, if you have 3 users, that would be a total of $4,710. This amount would not be due until the system goes live in your agency and is good for 5 years from your 'go live' date. The total would be due at the time you go live with the system, but no more would be required for 5 years.
After the 5 years, it is a little unclear as to the annual cost, but we anticipate that it will be a similar amount per user. The annual, per user, cost will probably increase each year by a bit. I don't know how much right now. I understand that they charge about a 3-5% increase on the user fees each year for their JustWare product which a few counties already have. I don't know if they will consider it 5% at the end of the 5 years or if they will do a 25% increase for the first year after the 5-year contract. This will be clarified as we work with JTI. If they do a 5% increase, then in the 6th year, it would cost each agency about $1,650 per user. If they go with 25% on the 6th year, then it would be about $1,963 per user.

Do we need to re-negotiate the contract after 5 years?

No. The contract allows for continuing use after the initial 5 years. eProsecutor is considered a subscription service, so each year, after the initial 5 years, you will be billed for the current per user rate each year thereafter. So, if the current user rate at the beginning of the 6th year is $1,700 per user and you have 5 users, then you would be billed $8,500 for the next year. The cost per user will typically rise a little each year.

How will training be done?

Training will be done at the time the system is first deployed. After the initial training, new users in your offices would be trained by your local admin with assistance from UPC as needed.

Can two or more offices be grouped together to be deployed at the same time?

We can do this if we plan for it ahead of time. Please let us know if you have a need to have eProsecutor deployed at another agency at the same time your agency is deployed.